Techmily adhering to the concept of Xiaomi always insisting on being a “good product that moves people and has a good price”. We are committed to providing users with high quality, high value, high cost performance, and technology Sense of consumer products.

"Better life, better choice" as the brand concept. While carefully building and selecting good quality products, the number of products is streamlined so that you don't have to worry about buying good things, creating a "better choice" boutique lifestyle shopping platform for users.

Techmily is an open but strict quality control lifestyle shopping platform. In addition to Xiaomi, Mijia and the eco-chain brand, we also introduced a large number of high-quality third parties with design, manufacturing, sales, logistics, after-sales and other complete chain capabilities. Brand products, and support the independent development of the three parties, to jointly create a quality life for users.


Techmily Features:

Better Choice:
Advocate: save time, don't take time; while carefully crafting and selecting good quality products, reduce the number of products, and solve the traditional online shopping of similar products from hundreds of thousands of brands. Problem, do not worry about buying good things.

There must be products, not luxury products; continue the "explosive" thinking, use the Xiaomi model for consumer goods, and extend Xiaomi's "extreme cost-effectiveness" to all aspects of the life and home field.

There should be products, not imitations; do not make big-name suppliers OEM products, all products are independent brands, the products are derived from Xiaomi / Mijia brand products and Xiaomi ecological chain own brand products, at the same time Introduce quality tripartite brands.

There must be taste and beauty; products are also artworks, as small as a bowl and a saucer, and as large as a bedroom and a room, showing the aesthetics of life.

Have a sense of science and technology:
There must be quality and sense of technology; in addition to smart digital products, home products also use the latest technology and materials to bring a better quality experience.


Techmily Supply Chain:


techmily supply chains 

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