How to use Infrared Thermometer

How to use Infrared Thermometer

Steps for Usage:

  1. Install the battery. (Two pieces of AA batteries)
  2. Hold the handle and buckle the switch button to turn on device.
  3. Push the model button to body icon. (Body icon is used for measuring Body Temperature. Another box icon is used for measuring Object Surface Temperature)
  4. Switch the Temperature Unit: ℉(Fahrenheit) / ℃(Celsius)
    1. Hold “SET” button 3s until “F1” shows on the display,
    2. Press “+” button to set the Temperature Unit to ℉ (Fahrenheit), then immediately press “SET” button for 4 times until display off. (This is the key point to confirm your setting.)
    3.  Turn on the device again, the temperature unit has been changed permanently.
  5. Put the infrared sensor back against the Forehead at the distance of 1-2 inch.
  6. Buckle the switch, the temperature shows on the display immediately.

How to use video

How to switch temperature unit